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Monthly Archives: July 2014

How to Live in a Stress-Free Home with Indoor Cats – Pete Wedderburn

Outdoor cats have shorter lives than cats that spend their time indoors. Apart from the obvious risk of road accidents, there’s also the threat of attacks by other free-ranging animals, and the danger of picking up viral infections from other cats. There is strong logic supporting the concept of keeping a cat as an indoor-only pet, especially in urban areas. … Continue reading

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10 Simple Ways that Encourage your Elderly Dog to get Active

If you have a senior dog that you feel could benefit from a little extra exercise, keeping them active can be difficult. There are many age-related health problems, but, even without those, encouraging a dog to stay active during old age is much harder than letting them lounge around, just like they want to. However, keeping them busy and fit makes sure that they … Continue reading

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Looking After Your Horse

More and more people are starting to have horses, and it is estimated that there are close to a million horses kept as pets in the UK. There is no “right” way to look after a horse. Horses are unique in their individuality and no horse will be exactly like another. With that being said there are many tried and … Continue reading

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