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Category Archives: John The Vet

How To Prevent Your Dog Catching Babesiosis

If you are reading this, it’s because you have probably read about a deadly killer dog disease that could spread across the UK. At least that is what has been reported in the media. While it is important to remain vigilant, it is also important that you have the facts, rather than the hysteria, so that you are able to … Continue reading

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10 Simple Ways that Encourage your Elderly Dog to get Active

If you have a senior dog that you feel could benefit from a little extra exercise, keeping them active can be difficult. There are many age-related health problems, but, even without those, encouraging a dog to stay active during old age is much harder than letting them lounge around, just like they want to. However, keeping them busy and fit makes sure that they … Continue reading

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John The Vet: Itchy Skin & Your Pets

At this time of year I have lots of calls regarding itchy dogs. Certain breeds such as Westies are particularly prone to becoming itchy at this time of year due to seasonal allergies. Dogs can be have itchy skin for a variety of reasons. Causes include allergies to food or something in the environment, mites, infections or another cause. Several … Continue reading

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