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Flexadin Advanced Joint And Mobility

Dog’s joints are heavily used during running, jumping & walking during every day activities, and for most dogs this can lead to problems in later life. The more the joints are used, the more susceptible they are to picking up joint problems such as ligament tears and osteoarthritis.

Spotting joint problems within your dog can be difficult. If you notice that your dog is becoming lazy and has more difficulty with common activities, such as jumping, playing or performing simple tasks such as going up the stairs, then they may be suffering with their joints. There may be more clear signs of joint issues, such as holding a limb or reluctant to use it when walking.

Vet-Medic provides a range of products to help support your pet suffering from joint issues. If you need any help deciding which will be best for your dog, then please contact us and we will be happy to assist.

Flexadin Advanced Joint And Mobility
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Your dog will enjoy the taste of Flexadin Advanced chews, with 86% of dogs enjoying the taste and wanting more. There is no initial phase required for these chews, they can be given by themselves as a treat, or with your pets meal.

These Flexadin chews can be given once daily, no matter what size dog you have. With its unique formulation, Flexadin Advanced chews are more convenient and cost-effective as opposed to traditional joint support supplements. The handy zip-lock foil packs ensure that these chews stay fresh for longer. Available in two pack sizes, 30 or 60, buy Flexadin Advanced chews online from Vet-Medic.