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Worming your pet on a regular basis is essential in looking after your pet, and ensuring their health does not come under attack from an untreated worm problem. Many animals that are infected with worms show now outward signs so it is vital you worm your pet on a regular basis. Worms can cause sickness, suffering and even death, there are even some types of worms that can spread from pets to people.

Your pet can pick up worms from other infected animals, eating raw meat, eating infected animals or eating the larvae or eggs of worms from infected faeces or grass. Always be vigilant for any signs that your pet might be infected. If you don't see any physical worms in the faeces or around the bottom area then watch for any weight loss but with an increased appetite or fur becoming dry and coarse.

At Vet-Medic we know how important worming is to your animals health so we have put together a vast range of worming treatments at affordable prices.

As well as a range of Dog and Cat worming products, we also offer a wide selection of HorseSmall Animal wormers to ensure your pet is cared for.


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