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Our canine companions are often by our side but sometimes our lifestyle can make them worried. Millions of dogs around the world have benefited from ADAPTIL®, including feeling more confident in challenging situations and helping solve behavioural problems, ADAPTIL® can really make a difference in dog loving homes. ADAPTIL® for dogs has been developed to aid dogs during a range of challenging and stressful situations that they may face in their life. It aims to calm and comfort a dog or puppy through difficult times.


ADAPTIL® is a synthetic copy of the comforting pheromone released by a mother dog naturally to calm and reassure her new puppies. This pheromone can still have the same calming effect on adult dogs in stressful situations, when released through ADAPTIL® products.

Simple things can upset your puppy or dog – new people, car rides, being left alone, fireworks or even a new lead - and their behaviour can be a result of how they try to cope, such as cowering from people, hiding away, excessive barking and whimpering, soiling in the home and destroying household items.


More than 5 million dogs have benefited from ADAPTIL® and 85% of ADAPTIL® users said they were willing to repurchase. ADAPTIL® is safe, easy to use and convenient and there are currently over 28 published clinical papers support the use of ADAPTIL®. ADAPTIL® has been used by vets and pet owners worldwide for 14 years

Adaptil can be purchased as a spray, diffuser, collar or tablets. The collar can be worn by the dog at all times and will last for up to four weeks. The diffuser is an easy to use plug which works from 50 to 70 sq.m and also lasts for four weeks. The spray meanwhile can be used indoors and out, and can be taken in the car, to the vets or around the home to help calm your dog during unpredictable situations. For more information on Adaptil products and how they can help keep your dog calm, please see our Adaptil page.