Adaptil The Secret To Happy Dogs

Adaptil - The Secret To Happy Dogs

Adaptil, helping support puppies and adult dogs during life’s challenging situations....

What does Adaptil do? and which one do I need?

> Settling puppies & dogs into a new home

> Socialising & training

> Travelling & Kennel stays


> Travelling & Kennel stays

> To supplement diffuser & collar support



> When leaving dogs at home alone

> Introducing a new baby or pet

> Fireworks


> Short-term occasional stress-vet visits

> House parties

> Fireworks & noise phobias


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*Adaptil is supported by a product guarantee. If you are not satisfied that the product has helped after using it according to directions, a full refund will be provided.

Please read the pack insert carefully and follow directions for use. Please note - Behavioural and environmental modifications may be required. If in any doubt seek advice from your veterinary practice or from behaviour specialist approved by the Association of Pet Behaviour Counsellors (APBC). Adaptil is not a veterinary medicine. If there are signs of disease consult your veterinary surgeon. The Adaptil Guarantee currently only applies to purchases made in the UK. Proof of purchase required.

Condition of the guarantee:

The efficacy of Adaptil has been demonstrated in 18 studies published in scientific journals and at veterinary conferences around the world.

For puppies – Adaptil is shown to help puppies settle in a new home and to have significant positive effects on puppy socialisation. Fitting an Adaptil Collar to puppies from 6-16 weeks helps puppies develop into confident, well-behaved adult dogs and significantly reduces the likelihood of anxiety-related conditions developing in later life.

For adult dogs – Adaptil has also been shown to help dogs cope in kennels, during re-homing and in a range of other worrying situations such as during firework exposure and car travel.

If you are not completely happy with your purchase of Adaptil please contact the manufacturer Ceva on 01494 781 510.