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Advocate is a powerful flea and wormer spot-on for dogs, cats and ferrets. It is designed to be applied once a month on the skin on the back of the animal, depending on your pets body weight. The spot-on contains the active ingredient imidacloprid, which protects your pet against fleas and lice by covering the skin, while the other active ingredient, moxidectin, penetrates the skin and enters the blood stream and protects against worms and mites. This means that Advocate provides continuous and broad protection against a number of parasites that can threaten the well-being of your pet.

Advocate is designed to cover the broadest spectrum of internal and external parasites, which gives your pet the protection they deserve. Application is easy via the spot-on application and is waterproof as it remains effective even if the animal becomes wet. By using Advocate each month it builds up for continuous and long-lasting protection against internal parasites. The spot-on is also well tolerated in puppies from 7 weeks of age and kittens at 9 weeks of age. Buy Advocate spot-on for dogs, cats and ferrets online.