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Arm & Hammer are known for creating revolutionary dental care products for us humans, but did you know they have now used their expertise to create a high quality range of pet dental products?


The new Arm & Hammer dental range allows pet owners to help give their pet's teeth and gums the same care and attention that we give to our own. If your dog or cat struggles with brushing the traditional way with a toothbrush, then do not worry, Arm & Hammer have a range of treats and solutions that can be used instead. Finding new ways to help clean your pet's teeth allows pet owners more options, more options means there is more chance of finding the right method that your pet is happy with, leading to healthy teeth and gums.


Like the human equivalent, Arm & Hammer's pet dental range contains the world famous baking soda formula. This works by foaming around the gums and between the teeth to help break down tartar and plaque.


If and when problems do occur in your pet’s mouth, it’s vital to treat them as quickly and efficiently as possible to help get them back to their happy selves so that they’re free from discomfort and pain and so that the problems don’t become more severe. Checking your pet's mouth on a regular basis is the best way to help spot any potential problems.