We all have days when we feel a little under the weather and the same is true of our pets. We turn to medicines and treatments to make us feel better but our pets cannot communicate with us to let us know what is wrong with them. They rely on us to look after them and ensure they receive the correct medicine. Here at Vet Medic, we make it easy for you to care for your poultry with our poultry medicine and products, all from leading brands.

Just like humans, birds can suffer from a variety of infectious diseases. They should be protected, just any other pet would be. Poultry medicines are used to prevent and cure the diseases which can affect them. Ultimately, they fall into two categories: vaccines and pharmaceuticals and it is common to treat all birds in a house or pen to prevent disease spreading.

The various vaccines available on the market will prevent illnesses from occurring.  They stimulate the body’s immune system and protect against the disease or parasite they are being treated against. Pharmaceuticals, on the other hand, are given to birds in their water or feed and are used to treat any outbreaks. Here at Vet Medic, we supply a wide and varied range of bird medicine and products including pecking spray, mite kill and septi-cleanse spray. Whatever your birds’s requirement, we guarantee that our customers will find whatever it is that they require for their poultry’s needs.

At Vet Medic, we promise a fast and efficient service on great value for money products, each of which will be delivered straight to your door, on time. Should you require any further advice on poultry medicines or products, simply speak to a member of our team. They are always happy to help and will offer you the help you need.