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NEWS: The UK’s Top 100 Dogs

Last night (16/1/18), ITV cleared a two-hour prime-time slot to showcase the UK’s top 100 dog breeds! Britain’s Favourite Dogs covered a plethora of different dog breeds of all different shapes and sizes. Within the first ten minutes of the show airing, it was already trending on Twitter! We are a nation of dog lovers. With some taking it even further and creating social media profiles for their pets! We highly recommend, that if you missed the show, you catch it on demand. But if you just want to see... Read More


Product Alert: Cleanaural Ear Cleaner Range

UPDATE: 14/09/2017 – The stock issue has now been resolved and the product is once again available to order. We have been informed by our suppliers that there is currently a supply issue with the entire Cleanaural Ear Cleaner range. The issue is down to a packaging problem and not with the product itself, so don’t be alarmed. We will, of course, keep you updated as to when this issue is resolved and when the product will be available to buy once again. While this issue is beyond our control,... Read More


Going On Holiday With Your Pets

We all look forward to a summer holiday, but will your pet enjoy it as much as you do? For a pet, the holiday season can be unsettling. Whether you take them with you or book them into the kennels or cattery, it will be a new routine for your pet. They will be in a new environment, seeing new people every day, eating and drinking in a different spot, meeting unfamiliar animals or travelling long distances in the car. Small changes to us but potentially big ones for them!... Read More


Lily’s Kitchen Pet Food Update (April 2017)

Our range of Lily’s Kitchen pet food has been a popular seller for the last few years. Not only are these products popular due to their quality, but we are selling them at very reasonable prices in comparison to other online retailers. As you may have noticed, a lot of the range is currently marked as out of stock on our website, this is due to an ongoing supply issue. We are temporarily unable to supply this brand to our customers. We hope that this issue will be resolved in the... Read More


Keeping Your Pets Winter Safe With Frontline Petcare

We are a nation of animal lovers, with up to 99% of owners considering their pet to be a member of their family – 9% even have their own Facebook page! Watching our pets’ racing around care-free on a walk or chasing a toy, brings a smile to our faces. We get so much pleasure from our furry companions and so it’s nice to give them something back! Keeping them healthy with regular vaccinations and flea and worming control is essential. On top of that, some tender loving coat care... Read More


Introducing The New Frontline Petcare Range

At Vet-Medic we are always looking for new products that we think will make a big difference to your pets. Our latest find comes from a brand you know and can trust, the makers of Frontline. They have used their expertise and knowledge to product a new product range to cover a range of areas of your pet’s day-to-day life. We are proud to introduce to you, the Frontline Petcare range! The secret of the Frontline Petcare range is the inclusion of two clever and naturally active ingredients: Rhamnose and Luminescine,... Read More


The Benefits Of Doggy Dental Treats & Toys

Caring for our teeth is easy but for dogs, who cannot brush their own teeth, support from us is required. Dogs do not have a natural way to keep their teeth clean and thus, it is up to us to ensure that they are clean and healthy. When it comes to our dog’s health we sometimes forget about the importance of good dental hygiene. The main reason to have a regular routine in place is to fight off the signs of dental disease. Spotting the signs early is vital to ensure that... Read More


Understanding Diabetes In Dogs

In this latest post, we have decided to take a look at diabetes in dogs and unearth the signs, symptoms and solutions to this condition, from diet to medication. Diabetes, properly known as Diabetes Mellitus, is a disorder caused by a lack of insulin in your dog’s body. This prevents him or her from converting glucose into energy and results in excessive glucose in their blood, which is also known as Hyperglycaemia. Diabetes in dogs affects roughly one in every 500 dogs and like diabetes in humans, it divides into two... Read More


12 Christmas Pet Dangers

We have put together a list of 12 festive pet dangers to think about this Christmas. Some of these might not be as obvious as you think! At this festive time of the year, how we decorate our homes and the type of food we have in the house changes. While there are plenty of pet-friendly ways to let your pet join in with the Christmas festivities, there are some key things to consider to help keep them safe from harm. Here is our list of twelve Christmas dangers: 1... Read More


How To Safely Change Your Pet’s Diet

Looking to change your pet’s diet? By following this guide, you will be able to safely transition your pet from one food to another. But why is that important? Just like us humans, our pets have their own tastes and preferences when it comes to the food they eat. Some pets will not take too kindly to a sudden change of food. Whether that is flat-out refusal to eat it, or if eating the new food causes some dietary and toilet problems. Our pets rely on a careful balance of... Read More