January 2015

Treat your cat like a king or queen 30/01/2015

How to Treat Your Cat like a King or Queen

We all spoil our cats from time to time, as we do with any of our other pets, but some do a little bit more than that. Some people like to spoil them more than they spoil themselves or even their own children. Does that sound like you? Or do you just fancy reading about people who go the extra mile for their cat? Either way, here are some ways you can treat your kitty like a king or Queen… Aromatherapy for cats People use aromatherapy to apparently aid healing... Read More

Cat Scratching 05/01/2015

How to Stop Your Cat Scratching the Furniture

In our latest blog post, we have decided the look at the problem of cats scratching up the furniture and what can be done to tackle the problem. Picture the scene. You’ve bought a lovely new sofa or armchair, waited for it to be delivered, planned a nice night in relaxing and watching your favourite TV programme. However, within 15 minutes of your furniture being delivered, your cat has delightfully decided that it isn’t for you to sit on but for it to rip to a thousand pieces. Many people... Read More