Enjoying Summer Safely With Pets Infographic

Wet dogs and ball

By Amber Kingsley

Summer is a great time of the year but these warmer months can often be dangerous for dogs and cats. Much like being trapped in a hot car, pets can become victims of the heat in a variety of different ways that we may not realise.

Pets and Pools

If you’re fortunate to have a swimming pool, summer is a great time for taking a refreshing dip and sometimes our pets will join us for the plunge. But just like small children, animals need to be supervised around this wet and sometimes dangerous environment.

While many people believe dogs are natural swimmers, this isn’t necessarily true for all breeds. For example, bulldogs and pugs are notoriously poor strokers when it comes to wading in water. Other dog breeds with shorter legs like dachshunds, corgis and some terriers also don’t fare well in the water.

Learning to Swim

So don’t assume that your pooch can swim since they can instinctively “dog paddle.” You’ll likely need to introduce them into the water slowly. Never toss an animal into the pool and expect them to “wing it” since this could shock, scare or otherwise cause them harm.

Dogs can panic when getting into the pool for the first time and could also drown attempting to get out using steps or ladders designed for humans. Be sure your animals know how to get in and out of the pool safely and don’t let them swim unattended.

For more tips on pools and pets, please see this infographic, “Summer Swimming Pool: Safety With Your Pet.” You can have plenty of fun in the sun with your animals and keep them safe at the same time.



This blog post was written for us by Amber Kingsley. For more information about the author here. The infographic was designed by Amber Kingsley. Original Source: https://s3-us-west-2.amazonaws.com/pw-ig/PoolSafety.png


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