Summer Safety Tips For Small Pets

Have you ever considered what your small animals, such as rabbits or guinea pigs go through during the Summer months?

We all know that ‘Dogs die in hot cars’ but sometimes we may forget that it’s not just dogs who are at risk when the weather gets hotter. So what about your small animals?

Hutches that are exposed to direct sunlight can get hot very quickly. If it is possible, move the hutch to a more shaded part of the garden, or put up a parasol to create shade. You can even place wet towels over the hutch to keep them cool.

Make sure you provide fresh, cool water one or twice a day. This is vital to ensure they are kept hydrated and able to keep their body temperature at a safe level.

While during the Winter months it’s best to cover the hutch fronts, in the Summer make sure they have access to fresh air by keeping them free from obstacles.

If you plan to let your rabbit or guinea pig out in a run in the garden, make sure that you create a shaded area for them to escape the sun. Ensure they have access to a bowl of fresh water. Don’t leave them unattended and check on them regularly to ensure they are not in danger.

If the worst should happen, how can you tell if your pet is suffering from heat stroke? Look for the signs!

  • Salivating
  • Convulsions
  • Slow movement
  • Panting
  • Reddening of the ears

If you think your pet is in danger or showing signs of heat stroke, get down to your vets immediately. Don’t waste time looking for advice on the internet or even ringing us to speak to our vet. Every second counts. Get to your vets!

If you have any questions about keeping your small animals safe this Summer, leave your questions in the comments below or speak to our vet.


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