September 2016


QUIZ: Can You Tell Friend From Foe?

Can you tell friend from foe when it comes to you cat? While most cats will get along with each other pretty well, sometimes there can be tensions between multiple cats living under one roof. This could be caused by an introduction of a new cat, or other factors like a house move or change of situation. There is now a product on the market that has been clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflict in multi-cat households, Feliway Friends. The Makers of Feliway have put together a little... Read More


Are you and your dog prepared for fireworks?

How to minimise anxiety that many dogs suffer during the firework season. Many dogs suffer from anxiety during the firework season, with firework fears affecting up to 80% of pets. If ignored, firework fears can progress to a more serious noise phobia, whereby even the slightest noise causes panic and sudden, extreme and excessive reactions. PREPARING A DEN FOR YOUR DOG You can prepare a den for your dog to retreat to while the fireworks are going off, ideally a month in advance so they are comfortable using it when... Read More