12 Christmas Pet Dangers

We have put together a list of 12 festive pet dangers to think about this Christmas. Some of these might not be as obvious as you think!

At this festive time of the year, how we decorate our homes and the type of food we have in the house changes.

While there are plenty of pet-friendly ways to let your pet join in with the Christmas festivities, there are some key things to consider to help keep them safe from harm.

Here is our list of twelve Christmas dangers:

1 – Christmas Tree – Decorations are a hazard and real Christmas stress can cause serious health risks.

2 – Christmas Lights – Whether it’s your dog or your hamster, keep wandering mouths away from them.

3 – Alcohol – Many of us like a tipple a Christmas, but pets definitely don’t!

4 – Christmas Crackers – The loud, sudden bang is just like a firework and causes serious stress for you pets.

5 – Medicine – Had one too many? Feeling it the next day? Keep human medicine out of reach at all times.

6 – Cigarettes/E-Cigs – Keep these chewable objects out of paws reach!

7 – Nuts – Not only poisonous, different types of nuts can cause other health problems too.

8 – Toys – If you have children, be sure to keep the excess of toys away from your pets.

9 – Candles – Easily knocked over and a real danger. Never leave a candle unattended.

10 – Batteries – These can cause blockages if swallowed and chemical burns if chewed.

11 – Family & Friends – Yes really! You may follow the food/house rules, but it might not stop a guest feeding your pet something they shouldn’t!

12 – Salt & Grit – If your comes in to contact to these outside they can cause harm to their paw pads or stomach problems if ingested.

If you have any questions about keeping your pets safe and happy this Christmas, get in touch below!