Product Update: Loxicom Oral Suspension

Do you buy Loxicom to manage pain relief in your pets? If yes, we have some important information you need to know!

Unfortunately, the cost of Loxicom is going to increase, A LOT. Your 100ml bottle at £12? Will now cost you £18!

This has nothing to do with us wanting to increase the price on a whim. The cost price has gone up a lot, so we have had to move our prices accordingly. As the price increase is already a lot, we have decided to give as much of the discount as possible back to you, the customer.

You will find if you go on to our competitors websites that they have also increased their prices, with most continuing to be a lot more expensive than us! So this is an industry-wide change.

We hope you understand that, while the increase may seem a lot, we are still offering competitive prices and are trying to make it as affordable as possible.

What is Loxicom?

This oral suspension for dogs is for the alleviation of inflammation. It can also be used to help acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders in dogs.

For more information on Loxicom, check out our website.


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