Summer Safety Tips For Your Pets

Avoid walking your dog in the middle of the day

During the Summer, the middle of the day is when it will be the hottest and can cause great distress to your dog. The best thing to do is walk them either first thing in the morning or last thing at night. It will be a lot cooler at these times and it will make it a more comfortable walk for your dog.

Always keep their water bowl filled up throughout the day with fresh water

Change the water at least once a day to keep it fresh and try to place it where the sun will not reach it. If you are taking your dog for a walk take a small bowl with you and a bottle of water so that you can give your dog a break halfway through the walk. Keeping your pet safely hydrated throughout the summer is essential!

Hot pavement can burn paws

The easiest way to test if the floor is hot is to feel it with the back of your hand. You can avoid hot pavements by walking your dog at different times of the day, see our first tip!

Give your pet a break from the sun

It’s no fun being stuck out in the sun so make sure you have a shaded area, both inside and out, where your pet can escape the sun’s rays. If your small animal is in a hutch, move it to a shaded area or if your pet is kept in one particular room during the day, make sure they can escape the sun.

Take care when travelling with your pets

If you end up travelling in a car with your pet, NEVER leave your pet inside! It is also advisable to open a window when driving to help ventilate the car. But always make sure that your animal is secure and cannot harm themselves by sticking their head out.

Follow these simple steps and your pet is on the right path to having a fun and safe Summer!

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