BBC’s Fake Britain On ‘Fake Frontline’

Is the Frontline you just bought the real thing?

You may have seen a piece on Fake Britain last night (25/7/2018) about ‘fake Frontline’.

The programme pointed out the dangers of fake Frontline products that have entered the UK market.

It is important when buying any medicines online that you ensure the company are displaying a working link to their General Pharmaceutical Council page or are registered with the Veterinary Medicines Directorate.

These links should be clickable and re-direct you the relevant registration pages. If you cannot click on them, then think twice about using that company. Some scammer will simply paste an image of the logo on their website.

As a general rule, avoid buying off Amazon or eBay. Only buy from a licensed seller of medicines.

It is also important to remember that 95% of the flea population is not on the animal itself. You should always treat the house with an aerosol spray. Breaking the flea life cycle can be a lengthy process.
How We Work

Are Vet Medic registered?

We are registered with both the General Pharmaceutical Council and the Veterinary Medicines Directorate. You can view our registration here:



This shows you that we are licensed to sell medicines in the UK.

Where do you get your medicines from?

We buy all our medicines direct from one of the largest veterinary wholesalers in Europe, Henry Schein. Henry Schein is probably the same company that your vet gets their medicines from. Such is their power and influence on the UK market. They receive the goods straight from the manufacturers, in the case of Frontline, this would be Merial.

You can learn more about Henry Schein here.

Do you work with the makers of Frontline?

Yes, we have connections with all the big manufacturers and are in constant communication with them. With Merial, we actually worked in partnership with them at Crufts 2018 to promote Frontline Plus.

If you have any concerns about a product you have bought from us, please feel free to get in touch with us to discuss this. We take all complaints seriously and will work tirelessly to ensure any issues are resolved promptly.


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