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Dog shelters 05/03/2018

Why should you adopt a rescue dog?

We are a nation of dog lovers and with roughly one third of households owning a pet dog, demand is at an all-time high. But with thousands of dogs still waiting for a loving home in rescue centres, we should be considering rehoming these before buying puppies from breeders. Rescue dogs can be challenging Even though taking on a rescue dog can be a challenge, it can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. By giving your furry friend a loving home and helping them overcome any... Read More


Understanding Diabetes In Dogs

In this latest post, we have decided to take a look at diabetes in dogs and unearth the signs, symptoms and solutions to this condition, from diet to medication. Diabetes, properly known as Diabetes Mellitus, is a disorder caused by a lack of insulin in your dog’s body. This prevents him or her from converting glucose into energy and results in excessive glucose in their blood, which is also known as Hyperglycaemia. Diabetes in dogs affects roughly one in every 500 dogs and like diabetes in humans, it divides into two... Read More


Arthritis In Dogs: The Signs And How To Manage It

  Arthritis in dogs is just as much a problem for elderly dogs as it is for humans and this inflammation of the joints can be equally as uncomfortable for our furry friends. In dogs who suffer from arthritis, the cartilage within their joints undergoes change or damage, resulting in the bone surfaces rubbing together. As well as obviously causing discomfort for your dog, this increased friction causes new bone to form around the joint. This makes the joint stiffer, which limits its movement, and consequently the movement of your... Read More


QUIZ: Can You Tell Friend From Foe?

Can you tell friend from foe when it comes to your cat? While most cats will get along with each other pretty well, sometimes there can be tensions between multiple cats living under one roof. This could be caused by an introduction of a new cat, or other factors like a house move or change of situation. There is now a product on the market that has been clinically proven to help reduce tension and conflict in multi-cat households, Feliway Friends. The Makers of Feliway have put together a little... Read More


Keep Your Horses Fly-Free This Summer

By Wendy Talbot (Zoetis vet) Flies, mosquitoes and midges are not good news for your horse. At best they bring considerable stress and bother, causing lumps, swellings, sores, rashes and itchy skin. They may trigger conjunctivitis and headshaking. At worst they can contaminate wounds or in some countries they can spread diseases, such as West Nile Virus, which can be fatal. It is thought that flies may be responsible for the spread of sarcoids, while the biting midge, Cullicoides species, is responsible for sweet itch, a debilitating allergic condition. Flies can... Read More


A Helpful Guide To Veterinary Prescriptions

Use our handy guide to learn more about veterinary prescriptions and your rights when trying to obtain one! Veterinary medicines are classified into several categories, much the same as human medicines. Some are available through pet shops, some only through pharmacies and your vet, and some only on a prescription is written by your vet. If your animal requires a prescription medicine, the vets can be very pricey. But did you know that you can buy prescription medicines from us? We have put together this comprehensive guide to help you... Read More


Compulsory Microchipping: What You Need To Know

  On the 6th April 2016, it will be a legal requirement that your dog is microchipped and registered by the time they reach 8 weeks old. The law will be changing, there is no stopping this. That is why it is important to ensure that if your dog is not chipped already, that you address the issue before the new legislation comes into effect. There are many benefits to having your dog microchipped. The most obvious reason to have you dog chipped is that, should your dog be separated... Read More


How Often Do You Worm Your Pets?

  Worming your pet on a regular basis is essential in looking after your pet, and ensuring their health does not come under attack from an untreated worm problem. Many animals that are infected with worms show no outward signs so it is vital you worm your pet on a regular basis. Worms can cause sickness, suffering and even death, there are even some types of worms that can spread from pets to people. Your pet can pick up worms from other infected animals, eating raw meat, eating infected animals... Read More


Helping Your Cat Cope With Diarrhoea

Common signs of diarrhoea in cats include straining, increased the frequency and passing mucus and sometimes some fresh blood with faeces.If the problem is severe or ongoing for more than a few days the cat will need checking by a vet. In general terms, the issue can be caused either by a disease of the intestinal tract itself (primary intestinal disease) or less commonly by a disease affecting another organ (systemic disease) that in turn is affecting the intestine eg, liver or kidney disease. The majority of cases of diarrhoea... Read More


5 Mobile Apps To Track of Your Pet’s Health

There are over 65 million pets in the United Kingdom across 13 million households. It’s important to keep your pets healthy and since smartphones are so popular, we’ve tried and tested apps for keeping pets healthy and come up with the following list that we believe will connect your pet to our technology driven world! Dog Friendly This contains the UK’s largest database of dog friendly places that love dogs – your pooch will be welcome in over 27,000 locations. Whether you are looking for dog friendly hotels, camping sites,... Read More