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Top 5 Autumnal Pet Health Alerts

Dr Scott Miller explains why there are many hidden dangers in the Autumn, some dangers that you might have not even considered. As the leaves begin to turn glorious burnt shades of orange and red, the nights shorten and the brisk mornings begin, our pet friends are bidding farewell to the lazy days of Summer as Autumn is now upon us. Enjoying this beautiful time of year in the great outdoors with your beloved animal can be a joy, as long as a few potential Autumnal health alerts are kept in mind, and in... Read More


12 Signs that your Cat may be Ill

We all want what’s best for our cats, but unfortunately, they’re really good at hiding when something is wrong with their health. Therefore we’ve put together a list of 12 common signs that your cat may be ill to hopefully help you on the way to treat them back to good health. 1. Significant change in appetite A change in eating habits can be complicated to identify as it won’t necessarily be a case of your cat stopping eating. It may also be a case of your cat becoming more... Read More


17 things you didn’t know about Guide Dogs

Guide dogs all over the world transform the lives of the visually impaired and keep them safe whilst they’re out and about, and even whilst at home. We thought we’d look into the fantastic work they do, and bring you some facts that you may not know about them, from the history to the hard work that goes into training them. 1. There are more than 4,800 guide dog owners in the UK. 2. It takes around 20 months of specialised training to transform a newborn puppy into a confident guide dog. 3.... Read More


Joe Inglis: How Can We Fix Obesity In Dogs?

TV Vet Joe Inglis talks to Vet Medic about your dog’s health when it comes to their weight. He tells us that obesity in dogs IS a problem and is on hand to give some advice on how we can fix it. Official figures from animal welfare organisations suggest that between a third and half of all dogs are now either overweight or obese, and from my personal experience in the surgery, I would suggest that these may even be conservative estimates. I estimate that well over half of the... Read More


Dog Treats Vs Poison: A Pet Health Infographic

Dogs will generally eat anything tastier than a sofa, so it’s no surprise that dog treats are a big industry, and the fact that you love your pet obviously means you want to give them your meal leftovers, or unwanted sandwiches, but are all the things we’re happy to feed our dogs good for them? Our Treat VS Poison infographic shows you which common snacks may be harming your dog, and highlights a few healthy options you may not have considered before. There are some interesting facts about the nutritional requirements... Read More


Signs of Dental Disease In Dogs And How To Combat Them

Looking after your dog’s oral health is vital when it comes to keeping their general health in top shape. Dental disease in dogs is alarmingly common, and the problems and severity of the conditions can vary from breed to breed, and can also depend on the age of your dog, too. Gum disease is arguably the most common dental health complaint in dogs, but it’s not the only one. Spotting the signs early is vital to ensure that your dog is not suffering, and so that they can live a... Read More


Why Travelling With Your Dog Has Never Been Easier

Travelling with your dog can seem like quite a stressful experience, but however stressful it is for you, it is ten times more of an ordeal for them. As well as the actual journey, the change to their routine will have a negative effect on them as dogs thrive on routine and simplicity. However, if you do want to take your furry friend on holiday with you, first of all, that’s great! Your dog will no doubt really love the holiday with you and your family, and it will be... Read More


10 Of The Coolest Home Accessories For Your Cat

We all want the best for our cats, especially when they’re at home and we can’t always be there to entertain them and keep them happy. Therefore designers are frequently coming up with new amazing (and sometimes pretty strange!) inventions to brighten the lives of our cats. We’ve picked 10 of the coolest things you can buy to keep your furry feline happy. 1. The Cat Ledge Encourage your cat’s natural instinct to climb and rest in higher places with the Cat Ledge. The Cat Ledge is a modern multi-functional cat... Read More


Pete Wedderburn: How To Live In A Stress-Free Home With Indoor Cats

TV Vet Pete Wedderburn talks to Vet Medic about the different ways to live in a stress-free home when you have indoor cats. Outdoor cats have shorter lives than cats that spend their time indoors. Apart from the obvious risk of road accidents, there’s also the threat of attacks by other free-ranging animals, and the danger of picking up viral infections from other cats. There is strong logic supporting the concept of keeping a cat as an indoor-only pet, especially in urban areas. There’s one downside to life for indoor cats:... Read More


10 Simple Ways To Encourage Your Elderly Dog To Get Active

If you have a senior dog that you feel could benefit from a little extra exercise, keeping them active can be difficult. There are many age-related health problems, but, even without those, encouraging a dog to stay active during old age is much harder than letting them lounge around, just like they want to. However, keeping them busy and fit makes sure that they have as much life as they’re supposed to, therefore, it’s really important to encourage your senior dog to get moving. We’ve put together a list of 10 ways to do... Read More