Enjoying Summer Safely With Pets Infographic

By Amber Kingsley Summer is a great time of the year but these warmer months can often be dangerous for dogs and cats. Much like being trapped in a hot car, pets can become victims of the heat in a variety of different ways that we may not realise. Pets and Pools If you’re fortunate to have a swimming pool, summer is a great time for taking a refreshing dip and sometimes our pets will join us for the plunge. But just like small children, animals need to be supervised... Read More


A Helpful Guide To Veterinary Prescriptions

Use our handy guide to learn more about veterinary prescriptions and your rights when trying to obtain one! Veterinary medicines are classified into several categories, much the same as human medicines. Some are available through pet shops, some only through pharmacies and your vet, and some only on a prescription is written by your vet. If your animal requires a prescription medicine, the vets can be very pricey. But did you know that you can buy prescription medicines from us? We have put together this comprehensive guide to help you... Read More


Fightback Against Fleas And Lice With Advantage Spot On

There are many products to tackle fleas on the market that you can use as part of a regular prevention routine. But what are the best product for you? Over the next month we are going to be looking at a range of different fleas, lice and tick spot ons and help provide you with all the necessary information s that you can pick the right product for your pet. The first product we are going to look at is Advantage Spot On, a product made by Bayer – the... Read More


A Horse Care Guide For Beginners

More and more people are starting to have horses, and it is estimated that there are close to a million horses kept as pets in the UK. There is no “right” way to look after a horse. Horses are unique in their individuality and no horse will be exactly like another. With that being said there are many tried and tested guidelines in which you can follow to ensure your horses are cared for and go on to live a long and active life. Owning a horse can be an... Read More


Introducing Pet Head Skin Care Products

Pet Head has arrived at Vet-Medic just in time for the summer season! WHAT IS PET HEAD? Pet Head is a premium, fashion-forward brand made up of products for cats and dogs to not only keep them clean and refreshed, but also presenting these products in a stylish and unique way to you, the owner! These are products with personality with a range of smells so delicious that it just might tempt you to use them yourself! WHAT TYPE OF PRODUCTS ARE AVAILABLE? You can buy a range of different... Read More