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Gabapentin For Dogs To Be Reclassified

If you use Gabapentin for your dog’s on-going treatment, things are about to change! From the 1st April 2019 Gabapentin, in all strengths and forms, will be reclassified by the UK government as a controlled substance. Why The Change? This is an attempt to combat abuse issues and prevent patient harm. It will be technically classified as a Schedule 3 controlled drug and so will be treated the same as drugs like Tramadol and Phenobarbital (Epiphen). What Does This Mean For You, The Customer? Unfortunately, there are going to be... Read More


Product Update: Loxicom Oral Suspension

Do you buy Loxicom to manage pain relief in your pets? If yes, we have some important information you need to know! Unfortunately, the cost of Loxicom is going to increase, A LOT. Your 100ml bottle at £12? Will now cost you £18! This has nothing to do with us wanting to increase the price on a whim. The cost price has gone up a lot, so we have had to move our prices accordingly. As the price increase is already a lot, we have decided to give as much... Read More