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We, more than anyone, know how uncomfortable it can be to suffer from any dental pains. For us, caring for our teeth comes as second nature but our cats cannot brush their own teeth, nor do they have a natural way to keep teeth clean so it is up to the cat owner to maintain their cat’s teeth and keep them healthy. The optimum way to ensure that the overall dental health of your cat is at its best, a routine check-up should be booked in with your vet but with Vet Medic, there are things that can be done from home to keep your cat’s teeth healthy.

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Research from vets proves that dental disease is the number one health issue for felines with 70% of cats over the age of three suffering from some sort of dental disease. The good news is that dental problems can be easily avoided with the right care from you. From six months old, your cat should have all of his or her adult teeth. It is from here that you should carry out regular dental checks at home and with the vet. Toothaches and dental diseases can be painful for cats and if left untreated can lead to serious dental conditions.

At Vet Medic, we offer our customers a fine array of cat dental health aids which will ensure that your cat’s mouth is healthy, causing no undue stress and discomfort for your cat. Tooth brushes and oral gel make it easy for you to keep your cat’s mouth clean and clear of problems and diseases such as: plaque; gingivitis; lost teeth and oral cancer.

Should you require any additional information on the dental aids we offer to our customers via Vet Medic, simply contact a member of our team who will be happy to help.