Diabetes And Insulin

A diagnosis of cat diabetes is not a death sentence. In reality, it is relatively easy for you to care for your cat’s health with shots of insulin and a healthy diet. Cats are not so different from humans when it comes to diabetes and at Vet Medic, we will help you control your cat’s disease with a fine array of medicines. Diabetes as a disease affects insulin, insulin is a hormone that helps the body move glucose from the bloodstream into the cells. 

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Cat’s diabetes most closely resembles type 2 diabetes in humans which dictates that the body makes insulin, it becomes less sensitive to the hormone however. Due to a sugar build up in the bloodstream, cats can suffer from an increased thirst and urination.

Cat owners are warned to keep an eye out for any lethargic behaviour and for cats that are not eating their food. These are regular symptoms of diabetes which, if left untreated, can lead to life-threatening complications. Although it is unknown what the cause for diabetes is, it is likely to affect overweight and obese cats and is also common in older cats.

Once your cat has been diagnosed with having diabetes, cat owners are recommended to ensure that their cat sticks to a healthy diet. Most canned cat foods are high in protein but low in carbohydrates whilst most dried foods are high in starch which makes them high in carbs too. Your vet can aid you in creating a diet specific to your cat’s requirements.

At Vet Medic, we stock a vast range of cat diabetic aids including test strips, syringes and control kits which contain everything required to help keep your cat’s diabetes at bay. Any cat owner who requires additional information on any of the cat diabetic aids available at Vet Medic can contact an expert member of the team or speak to your vet about the best solution for your cat or kitten.