Eye Cleaners And Eye Drops

Your pet cat or kitten may not always be able to keep her eyes or the area around the eyes clean and so she requires help from her owner. Cats that rub their eyes against carpet, furnishings or dirty paws are making themselves susceptible to scratches or debris in the eye. Eye infections can result from bacteria building up around the eye and thus, it is important that you help care for your cat’s health by checking the eyes regularly and cleaning them if necessary.

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When cat’s eyes are healthy, they will appear clear and bright. They are often the most noticeable feature on a cat so help keep them that way. Examine your cat’s eyes in a strong light. If you notice any redness or swelling or if you see mucus collecting up when he or she squints, then this could be an indication of an eye infection. At Vet Medic, we stock a fine range of cat’s eye cleaners which will help you to monitor and control any debris or mucus build up, keeping your cat’s eyes healthy and bright. Cleaners, gels and wipes will gently soothe and clean the eye and its surroundings, leaving your cat to enjoy its life around the home.

In order to help control a healthy eye, here at Vet Medic we recommend that you keep any long haired cat’s hair trimmed round the eyes to avoid irritation and scratching. Additionally, it is important to remove any dirt or dust that may collect up around your cat’s external eye area so that they cannot work their way into the cat’s eyes and cause infection. Anyone who is worried about the health of their cat or kitten should visit a vet who will be able to aid on serious infections but for those looking to control infections and keep their cat’s eyes clean, there are many cleaners and gels available at Vet Medic for a competitive price. Contact a member of our team should you require additional help before purchase.