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Calming cats’ behaviour with FELIWAY® is helping transform lives of owners and pets all over the world. You can start to see results in a week. FELIWAY® products are designed to emit a scentless odour that reduces your cat's stress and keeps them feeling happy within your home. Even though your cat can't tell you how they are feeling, being able to pick up signs and signals they give off will increase your cat's feeling of security and will increase its show of love and affection to you and your entire household.

The common signs to look our for to determine whether your cat may be suffering from stress are; hiding behind furniture, increase in spraying, scratching, reduced interaction, increase in mischief and loss of appetite. The most common triggers behind the change in behaviour could be due to visits to the vet or cattery, travel, redecorating, introduction of new pets or moving home. Over time, if untreated, these behavioural changes may cause health related issues. FELIWAY® is clinically proven to help transform behaviour and help your pet.

Unlike with dogs, who show obvious signs to their owner when they need something, cats are more discrete and complex in showing that they are in distress. Using FELIWAY® will help to keep your cat feeling secure and at ease at all times, making them feel happy, playful and affectionate towards you.