Hairballs & Digestion

The most delicate part of your kitten or cat’s body has to be the digestive system. Throughout your cat’s lifetime it will remind you of this and will not allow for bad tasting foods as it can cause a fit of vomiting and diarrhoea. Like humans, cats are subject to the damaging effects of processed foods, additives and environmental pollution. These factors, as well as stress, can lead to a range of digestive disorders which could be kept at bay with a healthy diet and lifestyle.

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A cat’s digestive system is much like a food processor. It will chop, blend, grind and emulsify food whilst converting carbohydrates, fats and proteins into easily digestible pieces. The signs of a healthy digestive system are not easily seen but it is critical to ensuring that your cat lives a long and healthy life.

Digestive problems are one of the most common reasons that a cat will visit the vets but ultimately, it pays dividends to pay particular attention to labels on your cat’s food. As pet owners, we try our absolute best to ensure that we are feeding our pets healthy and nutritious foods. However, false advertising and the claims from pet food manufacturers contribute to a widespread misunderstanding of what is best for our cats. Commercial dried and tinned cat foods are convenient with claims that it is better than any other form of food but with cat’s being fed all sorts of foods including those we eat ourselves, there is an increase in the number of digestive complaints and disorders in cats.

We choose trusted brands that you can rely on to get your cat feeling his or her normal self and it is all available for competitive prices. Cat owners who are worried about their cat’s condition should visit a veterinary surgeon or speak to a member of our team who will be happy to find a product best suited to your cat’s needs.