Stress And Anxious Cats

Cat behavioural problems are a common complaint amongst cat owners. They are also one of the most common reasons why cat owners decide that enough is enough and surrender their cat to a shelter. Fortunately for our customers, we offer many cat behavioural modification aids which will help to solve any feline behavioural problems so that you can enjoy your cat’s company.

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Understanding your cat’s behaviour is essential to solving any problems in the home. Some behaviours that we may consider to be problematic are in fact normal for a healthy cat. At Vet Medic, we recommend that certain cat behaviour shouldn’t be discouraged completely. Behaviour modification is shaping your cat into a form which is socially acceptable in your household and this can be done through the aid of certain tablets, sprays and diffusers.

The most successful and long lasting way that we can discipline a cat is through positive reinforcement. The same method of controlling a cat’s behaviour cannot be used for every cat. Every cat is unique and that means that your cat’s behaviour is unique to your cat. Scratching and spraying are common problems which can be remedied with the help of the products that we offer to you through Vet Medic.  Feliway is just one of the trusted brands that we stock which will help you to calm and control your cat’s behaviour.

It is highly effective in preventing and stopping behavioural problems such as urine marking and scratching. It is available as a spray and a diffuser and will help give your cat the security it needs in strange environments to help solve problems naturally. Cat owners who require advice on cat behavioural modification aids can contact a member of our team who are always happy to help customers before purchase is made and after.