Drontal Wormer Tablets For Dogs

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Drontal wormers are designed to combat the most common types of intestinal worms in dogs; roundworms, hookworms and tapeworms. If left untreated intestinal worms can cause serious health issues in your pet, from loss of appetite, weight loss, vomiting, anaemia and reduced activity. In many cases of wom infections there is no or little outward signs of worms, but they can still be present inside your dog.

Drontal tablets and Drontal XL tablets for larger breeds provide fast and effective treatment against worms. These tablets are licensed to destroy every type of intestinal worms commonly found in dogs within the UK. Drontal tablets are easy to administer and have a tasty beef flavour, they can be given whole or broken and concealed in food.

Pet owners are advised to treat their pets for worms before any signs of infection are obvious. This is due to the fact that by the time your dog is showing signs of worms, they may have been suffering for a long period. Intestinal worms can be picked up from other infected animals, contaminated water, swallowing contaminated fleas or from an infected nursing mother. Therefore you should look to worm your dog every three months to help stop the spread of infection.