Dog Ear Cleaner

For many dog owners, cleaning your dog’s ears is a forgotten task. In fact, many dog owners overlook the importance of caring for their dog’s ears. We understand that this may not be a case of not wanting to care for your pet, but simply that you are worried about hurting them and thus, are afraid to carry out the cleaning process. At Vet Medic, we are here to offer a helping hand.

It is often the case that puppies and dogs are brought into veterinary surgeons with severe infections or even mites in the ears. Both of these problems are ones that could have been treated early should the dog’s owner have kept a close eye on their dog’s ears and carried out a routine cleaning process. The team at Vet Medic recommend to customers that a good routine ear care process is put in place. It can be very safe and consists of a simple weekly inspection as well as a clean if required.

For dogs that do not have their ears checked, a number of problems can occur that can cause your dog some or severe pain. Infections such as ear mites; bacterial infections; yeast infections; allergies; and fungal infections on the ear tips can often be found in dogs who do not have their ears checked regularly. There are right ways and wrong ways to inspect your dog’s ears and whilst it may not be the most comfortable of processes, most will tolerate the routine ear cleanings.

At Vet Medic, we pride ourselves on being able to offer our customers a wide and varied range of dog ear cleaners which will help make the process easier for both you and your pet. These cleaners will help to maintain a healthy ear canal whilst protecting your puppy or dog from nasty infections.Any dog owner who requires additional information on ear cleaners or would like some advice can find an abundance of information on the website. Alternatively, contact a member of our team who will be happy to help as always.

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