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The team here at Vet Medic has years of experience in the industry, helping to treat all types of pets, big or small. We take pride in being able to offer our customers a website filled with the latest products to help ensure that your dog lives the life that he or she deserves. Whilst we know that the vast majority of pet owners will take good care of their dog, from time to time, your pet will feel a little under the weather. It is in these occasions that we offer to you some of the most respected brands in the industry in order to help nurse your pet back to full health.

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Dogs who are not feeling 100% tend to hide away somewhere and sleep. In most cases, it is not always easy to identify what is wrong with your puppy or dog straight away, however if you do notice irregularities in behaviour, endeavour you should be sure to visit your vet. The most common conditions that dogs suffer from are those which can be treated at home by you and here at Vet Medic, we provide you with the required tools including bandage socks, sprays and lick strips.

Our wide and varied range of tried and tested first aid products for dogs provide you with the most practical solutions for their puppy when it comes to treating grazes, scratches and cuts. We stock a fine array of bandages and sprays that will help you care for your dog and ensure he or she is out playing again in no time. As your dog may spend a lot of his or her time outside, cuts, bites and bleeding may sometimes be found. The majority of the time this is not something to worry about as cuts and grazes will be small but should a cut be deep, it is advised that you visit a vet in case your pet needs stitches or additional care.

With their thick coats, it is sometimes difficult to see small wounds on your dog’s legs or body. Most will heal themselves but for those that need treatment, it is best to clip around the cut and remove anything embedded in the skin. Any infected or cut skin should be treated with a saline solution which can be made from salt and water. Use Anti Lickstrips to stop your dog from licking the wound and cover with a bandage sock until the wound is healed.

Look no further than Vet Medic should you require high quality, cost effective solutions for your dog’s first aid box. We make it easy for you to shop for your dog quickly and conveniently from the comfort of your own home with minimum fuss. Anyone who requires additional information on any of the products available at Vet Medic can contact a member of the team who will be happy to help.