Hairballs & Digestion

Just like us, dogs and puppies can suffer from an ill stomach. A dog’s digestive system is a delicate part of its body and thus, it is essential that you ensure to feed your dog a healthy diet. Should your dog suffer from any digestive problems, Vet Medic is at hand to offer you the finest medicines. Should your puppy or dog be suffering from a bad stomach, he or she will be sure to let you know through a fit of vomiting or diarrhoea. Like humans, dogs can be subject to the effects of processed foods and from additives. Along with stress, this can lead to a number of digestive disorders which can be kept at bay should you feed your dog a healthy diet and ensure him a healthy lifestyle.

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The signs of a healthy digestive system are not easily seen. It is important however to ensure that your dog is receiving the best possible care to promise him a long and healthy life. 

Digestive problems are a common reason why many vets see digs visiting the veterinary surgery. In order to ensure that this is not the case with your pet, always read the labels on your dog’s food. False advertising can lead to a widespread misunderstanding of what is actually in your pet’s food, leading to us not feeding our pets the healthy and nutritious food that they deserve.

Some dog owners choose to feed their dogs scraps and leftovers from plates, but this can increase the number of digestive problems and disorders in your dog and can cause major problems in the future. Instead, stick to the food that is meant for your dog.

We choose trusted brands that you can rely on to get your dog feeling his or her normal self and it is all available for competitive prices. Dog owners who are worried about their dog’s condition are advised to visit a veterinary surgeon or speak to a member of our team who will be happy to find a product best suited to your pet’s needs.