Drontal Wormer Reference Guide

Why pets need Drontal - regularly

Parasitic worms infect most cats and dogs at some time in their lives. They can damage your pets health - and worst still, your families.

Some worms can infect people, and their larval stages can cause a number of health problems, with children being at most risk. That's why every responsible owner should mark regular worming part of their pet-care routine.

It's difficult to prevent worm infection, so it is a good idea for you to treat your cats and dogs regularly for worms.

Worming at least every 3 months will help keep your pets healthy and reduce the number of worm eggs shed into the environment.

Hunting cats are especially susceptible to tapeworm infections because of the animals they catch, such as mice which act as intermediate hosts for several tapeworm species. Monthly worming can be recommended for hunting cats.

Drontal is the only wormer that kills every type of intestinal worm commonly found in UK dogs and cats.

• Drontal for routine worming; a simple single dose - no repeat dose to remember!

• Drontal kills the hookworm which has been found in up to 68% of UK foxes and 92% of foxes in Ireland.

• Drontal can be given with or without food.

• The Drontal range has a wormer for every cat or dogs, from a 6-week-old kitten to an 11-stone St. Bernard!

• Drontal contains praziquantel, the only tapeworm treatment ingredient allowed for the Pet Travel Scheme (PETS) certification.

The inside story

There are many different types of worm that can infect cats and dogs: roundworm, tapeworms, hookworms and whipworms, ranging in size from just 5mm to a frightening 5 metres.

Contaminated Soil

Worm eggs are passed in faeces of infected animals, and some can survive in the soil for up to 3 years. Foxes are a particular worry as they can spread worms if dogs come into contact with their droppings.

From Fleas

Fleas can be infected with tapeworm larvase and pets can easily swallow fleas while grooming themselves.

By hunting

Cats and dogs can be infected with a tapeworm as a result of easting small mammals, such as mice.

Drontal for dogs
Drontal for cats

Drontal Plus Flavour Bone Shaped Tablets

• Dog-friendly bone shaped

• Beef flavoured

Drontal Plus XL Flavour Tablets

• Beef flavoured

• Ideal for larger dogs

Drontal Cat Film-coated Tablets

• Ellipsoid shaped

Drontal Cat XL Film-coated Tablets

• Ellipsoid shaped

Drontal for dogs dosage chart (to be used as a guide only)
Drontal for cats dosage chart (to be used as a guide only)
Weight BreedDrontal Plus
Drontal Plus XL
WeightDrontal Cat
Drontal Cat XL
5kgKing Charles Spaniel1/2 Tablet-2kg (small)1/2 Tablet-
7kgShih Tzu1 Tablet-4kg (medium)1 Tablet-
9kgCorgi1 Tablet-6kg (large)1 1/2 Tablets1 Tablet
9kgBeagle1 Tablet
-8kg (medium)2 Tablets-
13kgCocker Spaniel1 1/2 Tablets-10kg (large)1 Tablet1 Tablet
17kgSchnauzer2 Tablets
20kgEnglish Springer Spaniel2 Tablets1 Tablet   
21kgBorder Collie2 1/2 Tablets1 Tablet   
21kgBasset Hound2 1/2 Tablets1 Tablet   
24kgBulldog2 1/2 Tablets1 Tablet   
28kgBoxer3 Tablets1 Tablet   
29kgLabrador3 Tablets1 Tablet   
30kgGolden Retriever3 Tablets1 Tablet   
32kgStandard Poodle3 1/2 Tablets1 Tablet   
33kgGerman Shepherd3 1/2 Tablets1 Tablet   
35kgDoberman3 1/2 Tablets1 Tablet   
36kgWeimaraner4 Tablets1 1/2 Tablets   
40kgBorzoi4 Tablets1 1/2 Tablet   
44kgRottweiler-1 1/2 Tablets   
50kgGreat Dane-1 1/2 Tablet   
51kgBloodhound-1 1/2 Tablets   
56kgBull Mastiff-2 Tablet   
65kgPyrenean Mastiff-2 Tablets   
66kgNewfoundland-2 Tablet   
70kgSt. Bernard-2 Tablets   

All Drontal tablets can be given with or without food, without the need for starvation before or after treatment.

It is recommended that pets are wormed with Drontal at least every 3 months
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