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Fleas, ticks and lice are a permanent problem for pet owners. Pets can easily pick up fleas and ticks so it is important to ensure regular treatment throughout the year. As well as regular fleaing it is just as important to ensure you worm your pet on a regular basis also.

Effipro is a new Fipronil based alternative for treatment of flea (Ctenocephalides spp.) and tick (Dermacentor reticulatus) infestations. Insecticidal efficacy against new infestations with adult fleas persists for 8 weeks. Effipro has a persistent acaricidal efficacy for up to 4 weeks against ticks.

Developed with pet owners in mind, Effipro Spot On uses a unique drop-lock technology that helps to prevent drips and spills during application. It is easy to open and to apply because it stays locked until you apply the spot on. 

Remember, most of the fleas and ticks are actually in the home environment, so if you do have an infestation be sure to treat the house and bedding with Indorex Spray.