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We love our cats and kittens and want to do the best for them, but sometimes our busy modern lives can disrupt their routine. This is often reflected in the way they behave. Feliway is known for helping cats and kittens to naturally cope with stressful situations and help owners control unwanted cat behaviour. Not only will this provide a comfortable living space for your pet, but for you too. When a cat or kitten is seen rubbing its face against furniture or walls, it is marking its territory as safe and secure. It leaves a substance called the facial pheromone which is significant to a cat’s relaxation and reassurance. When a cat is stressed or ill however, it will stop marking its territory, thus leading to an increase in anxiety.

Millions of cat owners around the world have noticed a difference in their cat after using Feliway. Whether it’s spending more time with the family or helping to stop unwanted behaviours Feliway can really make a real difference in cat loving homes. Using Feliway can help give your cat a feeling of calm and reassurance. It is clinically proven to help reduce stress that leads to inappropriate behaviours.

Feliway, known as the feline relaxation pheromone, mimics this natural marking in order to help make a cat feel comfortable during stressful situations. Cat and kitten owners use Feliway specifically during visits to the vet or cattery or when a cat is scratching or spraying. It is highly effective in preventing and stopping behavioural problems such as urine marking and scratching and has been published in scientific journals and presented at veterinary conferences across the world due to its success. Trials show a reduction in urine spraying in up to 91% of households and up to 96% reduction in stress-related scratching.

The new Feliway Friends diffuser and refill is perfect for multi-cat households. It is the only product clinically proven to help reduce or prevent conflicts and tensions between household cats. Feliway Friends is a synthetic copy of the cat appeasing pheromone which helps create a bond between household cats, helping them live in harmony together.