Feliway Solutions For Happy Cats

Feliway Diffuser & Spray is designed to create a happy environment for your cat.

Feliway helps your cat feel comfortable during stressful situations and help to reduce anxiety levels by replicating the pheromone that cats leave naturally when they are comfortable in their environment.

When your cat rubs its nose on an object in your home, a pheromone is left behind to mark its territory. If your cat becomes stressed then it will no longer leave the pheromone, which will leave it to feel less secure and possibly cause behavioural changes. Even the smallest change within your home can upset your cat and cause stress levels to rise.


Cats are at their happiest, most loving and well behaved when they are in control of their environment. When they feel they have lost this control or are unsure of their surroundings their behaviour can start to change, most commonly for the worst.

You will know when you cat is in control as it will mark the home using facial markings, which is the release of pheromones. Cats release these pheromones when they rub up against furniture or against a persons leg. When your cat is marking its territory you know it feels comfortable and happy.

These pheromone marks provide security for your cat, so if they are removed it can cause an upset, for example if you move furniture, replace furniture, repeatedly clean where the pheromone is left or if you redecorate an area. The biggest cause of stress when a cat is concerned is when moving home. This is due to all facial markings being removed, the best way to make your cat feel confident in the new surroundings is with a Feliway Diffuser, plugging the diffuser in your new home before introducing your cat will help settle any nerves.

Unlike with dogs, who give off obvious signs when they are upset or require attention, it is more difficult to spot any distress in a cat. Looking out for common signs when your cat is feeling stressed will help you make any necessary changes within the home. When your cat is feeling happy and comfortable in its surrounding, it will give off many signals via body language, some of the commons signals are below:
Signs of an UNHAPPY CatSigns of a HAPPY Cat
Hiding & refusing to interactA straight tail in the air, with a flick at the tip
Over groomingRubbing against legs
Loss or lack of appetiteCuddling on lap
Lower pitched meowHigh pitched meow
Urine sprayingLying on its back with lets stretched out
Conflict caused by other catsHealthy appetite
Vertical scratching e.g on furniturePlayful and curious


Feliway is an easy to use product that is designed to help your cat feel comfortable and secure in its own environment. Felway products contain a special scent that is odourless to us and other animals, and is a replication of the pheromone that cats leave behind naturally when they are comfortable and happy, especially within the home.

There are certain factors that can cause a cat to become disressed or unhappy within their own environment. Feliway Diffusers are able to help within the home, especially if cats are stressed due to replacing furniture or when new guests are around. Feliway Spray is ideal for when cats are leaving the home, for example going to the vets or cattery, as car interior can be sprayed which will help keep your cat calm and relaxed.

Feliway is clinically proven to help reduce unwanted behaviour from your cat, such as scratching, spraying and conflict with other cats. Feliway helps to maintain the pheromone that provides your cat with the feeling of calm and reduced stress levels which creates a happy environment for your cat.

Use Feliway to keep your cat secure, comfortable & happy!
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