Flea Treatment For Cats & Dogs

As well as regular worming it is important to keep your pet treated for fleas and ticks on a regular basis. Using flea treatments in conjunction with worming is the best way to ensure your pet is covered on a regular basis. To help aid in keeping your pet flea and tick free it is important to understand that 95% of flea eggs and larvae live in the environment and not on your pet. For this reason it is essential that as well as using a treatment on your pet that you also treat the environment as well.Fleas can be almost a certain nightmare to pet owners. They are easily picked up by cats and dogs and can affect your pet and infest your home. If untreated this can lead to a flea infestation, discomfort for your pets and you and your family being bitten. Your pet can initially catch fleas in a number of ways such as playing with other dogs or cats, on walks or even by hibernating flea eggs (flea eggs can live for up to a year in the right conditions and wake up by warm conditions and vibrations).Using a flea spray on the environment will help stop re-infestation and make sure you get the most out of treating your animal. Your pet can give off signs of a flea and tick infestation so it is always recommended you keep a watchful eye on your pet's behavior. Is your pet scratching more than usual? Can you see visible dark specks in the fur? Do you have small insect bites on your own skin? These are all signs that you may have a flea or tick problem.Fleas like your house just as much as they like your pet so you need to make sure you treat your home as much as you treat ALL pets too!

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