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Milbemax tablets are designed to help treat and prevent your dog or cat from being infected with worms. Milbemax tablets are a broad-spectrum wormer that offers protection from tapeworm, roundworm, lungworm and heartworm. If your pet becomes infected with worms they will rarely show any outward signs or symptoms, however internally they can be causing serious damage, which if left untreated, could case death. The most common symptoms to look out for that are related to worms are diarrhoea, loss of appetite, vomiting, excessive itching and loss of energy. Your pet can pick up worms from various places, for example from in parks & playgrounds and from eating slugs and faeces when out walking. Your pet should be protected from worms every 3 months, however this does depend on the type of worm and the level of infection.

Milbemax tablets are easy to administer, simply place the tablet directly into the animals mouth. Milbemax also provide chewable tablets for dogs that are ideal if your pet finds it difficult to break down or swallow hard tablets. Unlike other wormers, Milbemax provides protection against a range of worms, which is also ideal if you plan on taking your pet abroad. Milbemax tablets are available from Vet-Medic, with FREE UK mainland delivery on orders over £19.