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At Vet Medic, we understand that many pet owners find shopping for their animals is easier and more efficient online than it is to visit a vet. Whilst there is no substitute for the help that a vet can provide, we offer our customers an eclectic range of pigeon medicines and products as well as advice on the best options for your homing and racing pigeons.

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As a result of the much improved knowledge of pigeons and the medication they require, it is possible to treat and manage all possible diseases. The aim of course is to produce healthy and robust pigeons via natural means but for those that require extra medication to ensure their wellbeing, Vet Medic can help. At Vet Medic, our dedicated team are always happy to help customers and pigeon owners who require advice on the best options for their pets. Whilst veterinary surgeons can always help, any owners are capable of treating their own pigeons through their various pigeon medicine and products which are available here.

Here at Vet Medic, we make a promise to our customers that we will only supply the leading brands which in turn makes assurances that your pigeons are receiving the very best in care. You can rest assured that the products that we offer to you are of the highest quality and also, the most effective in treating your pigeons according to their requirements.

The wide and varied range of pigeon medicine and healthcare products that we offer are all excellent value for money and will be delivered to you efficiently to ensure that your pigeons are full of health as quickly as is possible. Pigeons can be susceptible to a number of illnesses including worms and parasitic diseases.  We stock a range of worming and Coccidiosis treatments as well as many other products which will aid in quick recovery.

Those who require additional help and advice on the treatments available for pigeons can look to the Vet Medic team for free and friendly advice.