Keep Your Pets Calm With Adaptil & Feliway

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Making your home calm and comfortable for your dog or cat will help to keep them happy and healthy, whenever a new kitten of puppy enters your home it can be a stressful time, therefore it is important to make them feel as comfortable as possible. Similarly if you are taking your cat or dog to a new environment or on a long journey, Feliway & Adaptil can help keep them calm and your move or journey a pleasant one.

Feliway: When you introduce a new cat or kitten into your family, it is always best to do it slowly over a certain period of time until they are fully comfortable with their surroundings. Feliway is designed to help support the introduction stage by providing the comforting pheromones that they are used to. The Feliway Diffuser will help to provide comforting support to your new cat or kitten as soon as they arrive into their new environment to keep them feel safe and secure. Feliway Spray is ideal for spraying directly onto objects or areas that your cat will be using around the home, also ideal if you cat is exploring new areas or on a trip to the vet as the spray pheromone can support for upto 24 hours.

Adaptil: When you bring a new puppy or dog into your home for the first time it can be an exciting experience for your family, however it can be a daunting time for your puppy. Using an Adaptil Diffuser can help to provide comforting support for your puppy as soon as it arrives. Adaptil Diffusers work by releasing comforting dog appeasing pheromones continuously into the environment, which is ideal for new puppies, or nervous dogs. Adaptil Collars are also ideal for providing continuous pheromones & is warmed by the body heat of the puppy. Adaptil Spray is ideal for spraying on objects or areas around the home where your dog may explore, also ideal for using when visiting the vets as your car can be a stressful place for your dog or puppy.