Seresto collars have been designed to protect your cat or dog from fleas & ticks for up to 8 months.

No need to remember monthly applications as Seresto collars provide long-lasting protection from fleas, ticks and other parasites.

Seresto works differently to other flea and tick collars as it contains unique materials that enables a safe and controlled dose of the active ingredients over an 8 month period. Providing long lasting protection by killing fleas and ticks, as well as repelling ticks before they have the chance to bite, which reduces the risk of your pet picking up diseases spread by these parasites.


Seresto collars have their active ingredients integrated into the polymer matrix. Over the period of 8 months, low doses of these ingredients are released through the matrix and absorbed through the fatty layer of the pet's skin and hair. The active ingredients are then distributed over the pet's entire body surface which offers long-lasting protection.

When using collars, safety is one of the first thing pet owners think about. Seresto has been rigorously tested to ensure that all ingredients used within the collars are not only safe for your pet, but also your family and the environment. The ingredients used within Seresto collars are specifically targeted at fleas, ticks and other parasites that could cause harm to your pet. All the ingredients are locked into the Seresto collar and released in very low doses over the period of 8 months and stored within the fatty layer on the skin and coat. Seresto collars are fully waterproof so do not need to be removed before swimming or bathing.


Seresto collars have been designed so they are easy to apply, giving your pet instant protection from fleas and ticks. Simply remove the Seresto collar from the laminated back that is contained within the tin and unroll the collar. Carefully wrap the collar around the cat or dog and push one end of the collar through the loop. Tighten the collar until two fingers fit between the collar and the pets neck. Be sure not to leave the collar too loose so it can be removed over the pets head. When the collar is fitted, carefully trim off any excess collar.


What are the active ingredients in Seresto Collars?

Seresto contains two different active ingredients, the first is 'imidacloprid', which is designed to kill adult fleas, flea larvae and lice, the second active ingredient is 'flumethrin', which kills and repels adult ticks, larvae and nymphs.

Can Seresto be used on kittens and puppies?

Seresto can be used on kittens from 10 weeks of age, and puppies from 7 weeks of age.

Are Seresto collars waterproof?

All Seresto collars are waterproof, so do not need to be removed for bathing or swimming.

Can the collar be used alongside a spot on?

Seresto can be applied alongside spot-on applications.

If the collar becomes dirty, will it have an effect on the dosage?

There is no evidence of dirt having an impact on the collars efficiency, however, it is advisable to wipe the collar with a moist cloth.

Can I use a Seresto collar alongside normal collars?

Seresto can safely be used alongside normal collars without causing any damage.

Do Seresto collars need a prescription?

No! Seresto has recently been reclassified so that you no longer require a prescription to purchase them!