Small Animals

Just like us, our small animals suffer from illness and disease which can be easily treated with the correct medicines and health care. Here at Vet Medic, we supply a fine range of medicines and treatments from the leading brands in the industry, each of which we promise at the best possible price to you. In many cases, the early signs of illness are missed by pet owners. This doesn’t mean maltreatment, but it does mean that we should pay particular attention to unusual behaviour in order to treat the illness as soon as possible.

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Our small animals rely on us to look after them. We must ensure that they receive the correct medicine for their illness and protect them from future illness with a healthy diet and the correct health care. Small animals should be protected just like any other animal would be. The various medicines and vaccines available on the market will help to control and prevent any illness from occurring and will stimulate the immune system to protect against any disease.

At Vet Medic we promise our customers a fast and efficient service which means that competitively priced products will be delivered right to your door for ease and comfort. Our team are devoted to the care of small animals like rabbits, guinea pigs, chickens and birds. We can offer you comprehensive advice on everything there is to know regarding your small animal’s care and can offer help choosing the best treatment for your pet’s illness. If you need any additional information regarding the products that we have on offer do not hesitate to contact our team but remember to organise regular trips to the vet to carry out routine health checks for your small animals.