Veterinary Prescriptions

More people are starting to buy their veterinary prescription medicines online with the aim of saving money. Make sure you don't miss out, see how easy it is....

Never bought your veterinary prescription medicine online before? Don't worry, we have put together this handy guide for you to start saving money on those expensive veterinary bills. Buy your veterinary medication online from Vet-Medic and save today!

    Ask your vet for a prescription.They may charge you, but cannot refuse you.Order your medicine.


Ordering prescription medication online from Vet-Medic is easy.

Firstly, search for the product your prescription is written out for. Then when you have found the product, add the item to your basket.

When you click the 'add to basket button', you will then need to tell us how you are sending your prescription to us.

You will need to choose one of these options before you can continue with the order, the options are shown below:

When you have chosen your option, you can click submit to review your order, and complete payment.

If we have no problems with your order, then your pet medication will be dispensed from our UK pharmacy, and sent out to you.

We have put together a sample prescription template for you to get a rough idea of what is expected on a valid prescription.

NOTE: This is a sample and not for re-use or printing.

Your prescription MUST have all the following information:

Please note that it is an offence for a person to submit a fraudulent prescription to obtain veterinary medicines.

Any suspected case of fraud or tampering with a prescription will be referred to the appropriate body.

For further information please contact our customer care team: