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Zylkene capsules and sachets are designed to help calm your dog or cat in situations that they may find stressful, for example kennel and cattery stays, moving house, an introduction of a new pet and sudden noises e.g fireworks. Many dog and cats do not cope well in multi-pet households, they react in different and unpredictable ways. The capsules are easy to give and extremely palatable, simply mix in with your pets food, or give as a treat.

Your pet will tell you how it is feeling by exhibiting different behaviours and signals. Some are more noticeable than others, but the change in behaviour is something you should take notice of to help them overcome their feelings. Every animal is different, and their response to any changes will be different. For dogs, the common signs to look out for are a change in sleeping pattern, excessive barking, house soiling, decreased social interaction, reduced play time and avoiding areas they commonly visit. For cats, the typical signs of distress are a change in demeanour, increased withdrawal behaviour, new habits such as excessive licking, and a change in resting place.

Zylkene is a complementary feed for cats and dogs that only needs to be given once a day. Zylkene is also very palatable for pets as it is derived from milk. The capsules can be opened and sprinkled onto food if necessary, it can also be mixed with liquids, such as oil from tins of tune as it is water soluble. The course should be started a few days prior to the event e.g house move, fireworks season or kennal/cattery stay. If you need any advice on keeping your pet calm during stressful situations then contact our vet for more information.